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RAQCrypto® Ecosystem

Next Crypto Money Based on Transparent, Openness and Scale Blockchain system.

RAQ® is a safe & secure, reliable, and fully distributed preserving cryptocurrency and ecosystem.

Privacy Our mission is to secure your capital and business

Generated currencies are designed and created based on a dedicated distributed computational structure. The use of distributed computing infrastructure specific to the collection makes it possible to provide various algorithms for managing different layers of currency and blockchain. RAQ® is at the forefront of cryptocurrency privacy, with Sisyphus and Lelantus Spark providing trustless, on-chain privacy with high anonymity sets. Hephaestus technology also provides network-layer privacy. You can find more information by contacting us and enjoy it.


RAQ® uses a hybrid PoW and LLMQ Chainlocks system combining fair distribution of supply with protection against 51% attacks and quick finality of blocks and transactions.

total supply

proof of work

master nodes

Privacy Infrastructure

RAQ® Elysium tokenization layer allows users to create their own privacy-enabled tokens with use-cases from private stablecoins or voting tokens and in the future offer privacy for bridged assets from other chains.

RAQ Research and Development

The existence of specific platforms in various fields such as computational systems, essential structures that create a blockchain, currency generating patterns, mechanisms, and algorithms of blockchain management, and the absence of any central structure allows students to rely and research on frameworks that RAQ uses. Unlike many digital currencies, RAQ is not designed exclusively for business and solves many problems in various fields of science and industry based on a voluntary award-based computing model.




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Get RAQ®

Push the frontiers of digital currency. Join the RAQ® ecosystem today.

Get RAQ®

Push the frontiers of digital currency. Join the RAQ® ecosystem today.


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